At Firstcare Orthopedics, you can log in and take a virtual tour of the office, which helps you to understand what you
can expect when you come to us for orthotics and other therapeutic gear.

With the virtual tour, which you can trigger as a slideshow, you see a lot of what goes on in the office on a day-to-day
basis. It’s a way to get acquainted with us and how we work, prior to coming in to get what you need for daily
improvement and therapy. It also illustrates our dedication to serving patients with various kinds of upper or lower
extremity needs, and committing to a standard of quality that our people rely on.

Specialized Gear and Equipment

One thing you see in the virtual tour is some of the machinery and materials that we used to create effective braces,
orthotics and helpful systems. You’ll see some of the items used to shape prosthesis, and some power-assisted
mechanisms that help in developing custom pedorthics and orthotics.

Products on Display

You also see some of these braces and products on display. You see them collected on shelves, which shows you
the types of solutions that we offer to people of all ages who need help with mobility, gait or any other kind of relevant

A Lab Environment

Also on the virtual tour: you can view some of our installations showing how we test gear and equipment in the office.
For example, you’ll see one of our test ramps with handrails where we work out the logistics of how people use our
assistive equipment.


Another thing you see is a dedication to offering a clean, warm and welcoming environment for patients. You see the
organization and level of detail that goes into serving local families with braces and prosthetics that work. That’s an
important part of our business philosophy, and informs what we do here.

Background and Bios

Elsewhere on the site, you can see the bona fides of our certified medical professionals. You can see education,
certifications and specialties, like the Bio-mechanics of bracing. This gives visitors more of an idea of how this team is
qualified to help them to develop DMEPOS solutions that will help them to triumph over conditions like mobility

In addition, there is new patient paperwork available on the web; the practice has also included care and use guides
for in-depth reading. All of this can prepare you to start looking for the support and services you need when you or a
family member has a new condition that you may not fully understand. Learn from us – we are experienced in offering
the things that you need for good home care and support, and we truly delight in serving families in the NoVa area.