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Pediatric Custom Orthotic

  • Used to treat patient for flexible flat foot (pronated foot) in low profile manner
  • Medial and lateral walls can be extended before fabricating to accommodate patients who suffer Midfoot fracture, and Flexible metatarsus abduction/adduction

Custom Sports Orthotic

  • Provides bio mechanical control to establish better foot and leg function
  • Commonly used for patients who suffer from Achilles Tendonitis, Heel spurs, Metatarsalgia,Neuroma, Pronation ,Supination, etc.


Custom Diabetic Insert (Custom Foot Orthotics)

  • Provides comfort and support to the diabetic foot
  • Fabricated with soft diabetic material/s such as plastaztote, poron, etc.
  • Commonly used for patients with plantar fasciitis, bunion, lesion, etc.


Shoe lift

  • Used to accommodate leg length discrepancies and aids in balance

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