Three Secondary Complications Of Diabetes And Their Effects

Let’s face it – diabetes is an epidemic in America.

Millions of Americans deal with this chronic condition and its sometimes debilitating symptoms and complications.

We know that all too well because at Firstcare Orthopedics, where we innovate the treatment of various orthopedic conditions and provide treatments and devices, we see the effects of diabetes on our patient community.

Here are some of the things that diabetes can lead to that will have an adverse effect on your quality of life. We can help by creating solutions that will help to reverse some of the damage and build stronger, healthier limbs by supporting these areas of your body correctly over time.


This bone condition can be exacerbated by diabetic or prediabetic blood sugar levels. This in turn can lead to less joint mobility and various problems for a patient. We may see this on an intake form and take note of it as we plan a care strategy for a patient.

Plantar Ulcers

Scientists have linked diabetic effects to the development of plantar ulcers, which can be painful and debilitating. Basically, the inflammation of necrotic tissue can lead to infection and worse.

As we try to customize treatment plans, we keep this in mind. Wound care and other services may be necessary. There’s a holistic component to looking out for these secondary conditions as we provide orthopedic support.

Nerve Problems

Certain types of nerve damage are related to the diabetic condition. Diabetic neuropathic can also have a big effect on mobility and quality of life, if nerves are adversely affected. We know that the body’s nerve groups are sensitive and determine what we feel day to day. But this is something that not everyone considers when they’re thinking about the long-term effects of diabetes.

What all of these have in common is that they can limit mobility, which can make problems worse for someone who is dealing with the effects of diabetes. Along with a careful diet, fitness is a critical element in combating diabetes, so if your joints, bones, muscles and limbs are not working properly, the situation can be, sadly, compounded, and that’s something to look out for.

Come down and fill out patient forms that show your scenario – what you struggled with and been treated for, and who your family doctor is, and we’ll get to work designing a plan for you. We care for the whole family, with an eye toward each individual’s conditions and needs. Get excellent orthopedic support, to work against the destructive effects of diabetes as a chronic condition.