In many orthopedic situations, you’re dealing with an improper or uneven gait and using specific tools and resources to correct it.

One of these types of situations is where children engage in toe walking, which puts uneven pressure on part of the foot. You may hear about this from a family doctor or elsewhere, and wonder about how to approach the issue. We have the tools and resources to help you put together a game plan. 

Toe Walking Braces

By helping children to maintain a healthier stance, toe walking braces provide that corrective mechanism that doctors are recommending for some of these health conditions and impacting behaviors.

That’s part of what we offer at FirstCare Orthopedic, effective orthopedic solutions and a range of models to fit a specific need.

There are other types of braces and prosthetics that we offer, too, but toe walking braces are particularly useful in certain types of pediatric care. You’ll see in our catalog some models composed of a normal-looking sneaker type shoe with a toe walking brace built into it.

That’s part of the equation, too, making these braces stylish and visually appealing, instead of making them look like antiquated support structures. Nobody wants to clump around looking like a cyborg, and designers take that into account as they engineer these modern prosthetics and corrective equipment.

Talk to FirstCare Orthopedic about your family’s needs for orthopedic gear and corrective equipment for children and adults alike. We are proud of our track record in the local area, as the place to go for prosthetics and more. Look around on the site for more about how to pursue these healthcare services and resources for your family.