As a major provider of orthotic and prosthetic services in the Warrenton, VA area, we maintain a good set of online resources for our customers and families. This is a key part of what we do, because it allows new patients or people who are researching these services to get the information they need. That makes it easier for them to book an appointment and get started with treatment or consultation.

Care and Use Guides Why Are They Important

To that end, we’ve put together key care and use guides for various treatment alternatives that have to do with orthotic or prosthetic care. Here are some of the major ones that we send to customers on request.

Care and Use Guides for Diabetic Footwear

One of the major goals with diabetic footwear is to support the limb and extremity, to minimize the chances of worsening diabetic conditions and vascular problems. So we outline the tips for best home care, and recommendations for these types of products, in a caring use guide that our customers have found very helpful as they go about their daily business.

Care and Use Guides for Prosthetics

Obviously, in today’s high-tech world, there are many different types of prosthetics available, and some of them have pretty complicated builds. The science supports adaptive use and recovery, but again, many of these prosthetics have some type of learning curve attached. That is, the patient is going to get much more benefit out of them after reading a care manual and figuring out the best techniques and daily practices.

Care and Use Guides for Braces

Some of our customers benefit from wearing scoliosis braces or other types of body braces, to support limbs or the body’s core. We offer in-depth, detailed care and use guides for these products as well, because positioning, ergonomics and other issues are things to consider when using a brace over time.

Care and Use Guides for Walkers

To some of us who’ve never had mobility problems, it might not seem like you would need much of a care and use manual for a simple walker device. However, new science has found that ergonomics does play a big role in using a walker, or even a cane. When you can shift your body’s weight the right way and build best practices into your daily routine, you tend to stay mobile for longer and achieve better quality of life for the long-term.

This is just part of what we offer online, in addition to new patient forms and more. Take a look to see why we’re one of the best providers in the Warrenton, VA area.