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First Care Orthopaedics offers a variety of prosthetic devices for Culpeper, Manassas & Warrenton, VA are the surrounding areas.

Below Knee Prosthesis (Below Knee Amputation)

  • Provides the restoration of function of missing limb (Ambulation, Sports)
  • Provides restoration of altered cosmetical appearance after amputation






Toe Filler (Partial foot or toe amputations)

  • Soft filler is incorporated into a custom orthotic for patients with forefoot or toe amputations
  • Prevents slippage and eliminates the need for custom-made shoes and aides in balance
  • Available for partial foot/toe amputee to a Chopart-level amputee

Toe Filler with AFO

  • Soft filler is incorporated in Ankle Foot Orthosis which accommodates patients who require the need of a more assisted device.




Symes Prosthesis

  • Provides a more natural gait pattern
  • Full weight wearing at distal end
  • Decreased energy consumption
  • Self suspension
  • Minimal growth disturbance


Co-Poly BK Prosthesis

  • The co-polymer socket and soft insert, align able pylon system, and
    lightweight energy-storing foot provide a lightweight,self-suspending
    functional prosthesis for the transtibial amputees
  • Amputee with a short residual limb who requires greater medial and lateral stability at the knee
  • Cosmetic finish
  • Lightweight suspension sleeve
  • Recommended for low activity patient’s

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