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Ankle Foot Orthosis w/ankle joints (AFO)

  • Fabricated with ankle joints and a plantar flexion stop
  • Provides control to the foot and ankle
  • Can be fabricated with an inner boot to accommodate bony protrusions
  • Commonly used for patient who suffer from drop foot, stress fractures, abnormality of gait, etc.

Ankle Foot Orthosis Solid Ankle (AFO)

  • Provides control of the foot and ankle in all three planes of range of motion
  • Commonly used for patients who suffer from severe pronation, Achilles Repair, etc.
  • Can be fabricated with an inner boot to accommodate bony protrusions.

Charcot Restraint Orthosis (CRO WALKER)

  • Commonly used for charcot foot, ulcers
  • Immobilizes the ankle and foot
  • Fabricated with a soft inner material for comfort and support
  • An inner boot can be incorporated and can be washed for oozing purposes due to open wound

Scoliosis Brace

  • Provides abdominal pressure to reduce lumbar lordosis
  • Pads are incorporated in fabrication to apply force to thoraco-lumbar spine
  • Commonly used for patients who suffer from lumbar curves, thoracic curves, etc.



Custom ACL Knee Brace

  • Provides maximum protection and medial/lateral stability to the knee
  • Can be used for postoperative and non-operative knee reconstruction patients
  • Accommodates patient who suffer from ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL deficiencies, etc.

Ankle Stabilizing Brace

  • Provides medial and lateral stability to the ankle joint
  • Commonly used for ankle instability as well as prophylactic use


Cervical Collar

  • Limits range of motion in all three planes
  • Restricts forward flexion and extension and, to a lesser degree, lateral flexion and extension
  • Commonly used for patient who suffer from degenerative disc disease, and minor cervical instability.

Hyperextension Brace

  • Provides three-point pressure support
  • Provides rigid support of the thoraco lumbar spinal region in the anterior/sagittal plane


Pediatric AFO

  • Device commonly used for younger patients with Neurological problems, abnormality of gait, poor tone and many other various conditions


Custom Night Time Positioning Splint

  • Used for positioning and drop foot support for non ambulative control
  • Drop Foot/Contractive prevention
  • Dorsiflexion assist wedge available

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